Berlin to Islamabad - Business Class with Life Miles on Turkish Airlines?

Hi, me and wife have to travel from Berlin to Islamabad in first week of January 2021. Our tickets are already costing us $1400 in economy round trip.

I can buy 40000 miles for $1320 from Life Miles and can get 40000 Miles x 3. So we will have 120000 Miles needed for 2 Business Class Tickets from Berlin to Islamabad on Turkish Airlines. Do I get Turkish Business class lounge access with award tickets?

Am I understanding this correctly? Anything I’m missing here? I’m extremely new to this miles game so guidance will be helpful here.

So I just realized I would have to book award flight from and not on Turkish Airlines lol. It seems I would need a total of 180000 Miles (90K each) for business class. Its still worthwhile as business class is costing me $2000 and economy tickets are costing 1400-1600.

Can I replicate this using Lufthansa Miles? Or Life Miles deal is not able anywhere else?

Usually I would recommend checking for the miles needed. However, the listing there isn’t exhaustive, showing me mostly Oneworld redemptions on the route to Islamabad.

If you want to buy miles for your purpose: Generally it should work out. However, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Availability for award flights usually differs from paid flights, e.g. awards are only allowed for certain booking classes
  • Avianca (owner of LifeMiles) is bankrupt. I personally don’t think, that sending 2.000$ to this airline is a good idea in this situation
  • You would not only pay 180.000 miles for your business ticket, but also have to pay taxes + fees for an award ticket. I don’t know how much Turkish Airlines charges, but you can expect at least €100 + €200 per person, maybe a lot more.

I just checked the options with Miles&More (which are „Lufthansa Miles“), but Business Class is 112.000 miles + 440€ per person roundtrip.

Another option might be a ticket from Heathrow, as Virgin just put up a sale from LHR to ISB. You could grab Economy Tickets for €400 p.p. (roundtrip), Premium Economy for €660 or Business for €1.100. However you’d have to depart from London then. You can find these options in Google Flights.

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