Finnair Plus Erneuerungen

Heute gab es ne nette eMail von Finnair, der Status wird nun anstatt 6 Monate auf 12 Monate verlängert und auch damit der Entsprechende Sammelraum für das halten bzw. zum erreichen der nächst höheren Stufe.
Leider wurde der Sammelzeitraum für die Status Challenge (Ende letztes Jahres) leider nicht verlängert, stehe nun vor der Entscheidung nun die doch noch voll zu machen im Juli. Würde dann heißen für mich bis zum 31.1.23 Gold.
Eine weitere gute Erneuerung war das bei Prämienflügen nun die Treibstoffzuschläge wegfallen sollen.

Einmal den kompletten Inhalt der eMail


At Finnair we’re looking forward to pursuing our passion of delivering the world to you, and with the arrival of summer and steady re-opening of 40 of our most popular European and Asian routes I know there’s room for optimism.

Today, I want to share some news that I hope helps you start traveling again. It’s an expression of our deep appreciation of your loyalty and we hope these forward-looking steps help ease the way back to the travel experiences that you’ve so dearly missed.

Book your flights with confidence

At Finnair we want to make sure that you can book with peace of mind, knowing that if you can’t fly, we’ve got your back. That’s why if you buy a ticket between April and end August this year you can change the travel date without a change fee, thanks to the flexible ticket policy that we’ve just extended. We will also continuously inform you about the routes that are open and about any possible cancellations as early as possible to help you plan better. When cancellations do happen, you can be certain that we have made it simple to get a refund.

More time to use your award points

I am personally delighted to announce an additional automatic extension of the award points expiry waiver for everyone. Award points that were due to expire this year have a new end date of January 31st, 2021, giving you extra time to enjoy using the Finnair Plus points that you’ve earned.

Further extension of tier tracking period for tier members

In March this year we announced that we would be extending the tier tracking period for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo members by six months from the originally scheduled renewal date. But because we know it’s still a challenge to plan travel then we’ve decided to extend the tier tracking period by a further six months to make the return to the skies as smooth as possible for you. From mid-August, we will start extending tracking periods and all extensions will be added by the end of September.

For Platinum and Platinum Lumo members, there will also be extended validity on your give-away Gold card and upgrade benefits. During this extension, tier upgrades based on flight activity will continue as normal. Please note that a new Finnair Plus plastic card will not be sent and you can simply continue using your existing membership number when booking.

Your wellbeing and safety are our priority when you’re with us

To meet your desire and need to fly we have put in place measures to protect your health and safety throughout the journey from boarding to disembarking. On May 18th, we introduced additional measures for your health and wellbeing. Learn more at our fly with confidence page.

Offers and updates for Finnair Plus members

In June, you can look forward to new updates from Finnair and Finnair Plus, including special members-only promotions. And to make the program even better for you, from June 25th we are removing the fuel surcharge on Finnair long-haul award flights.

Know that we truly appreciate the loyalty of everyone in the Finnair Plus network and we can’t wait to welcome you back on Finnair whenever you’re ready.

Kind regards,
Ole Orvér
Chief Commercial Officer

Ich finde das schon ein Statement von Finnair. Gerade die Abschaffung des Zuschläge für den Treibstoff finde ich bemerkenswert.
Schauen wir mal in M&M da vielleicht etwas kopiert :slight_smile:

Irgendwo hatte ich auch gelesen das ANA nun auch auf die Treibkostenzuschläge nun verzichten wird.

Da ist es !